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Utah Prepares to Tax E-Cigarettes

State legislators are trying to control the use of vape pens and e-cigarettes among the youth. The Health and Human Services Interim Committee, chaired by Sen. Allen M. Christensen, R-North Ogden, and Rep. Brad M. Daw, R-Orem has agreed to bring up a bill to tax cigarettes

According to Michael Siler, a lobbyist from Students Against Electronic Vaping about 18.3%, or nearly 42,000, of Utah youth ages 13-17 use e-cigarettes and vaping products daily. These bills will help the youth to reduce the use of vape pens. The tax will be as high as 86 % of manufacturers price; which will increase the retail price by 50%.”Youth users are highly sensitive to price increases and a significant number of youths will quit those products for every 10% increase in price,” Siler said

Hyde and Clark founded the student group while attending Davis High School in 2015 after noticing an increase in the use of e-cigarette among students. “There’s been a lot of hurdles. … One of the biggest ones is just the access to research,” Clark said. “Now we have news articles coming every single day from across the nation showing that e-cigarettes are a poisonous, dangerous product.”

Utah was the eighth state to raise the age to 21 for the use of tobacco.

Recently San Francisco became the first city to ban e-cigarette “It embarrasses me to say that San Francisco stepped ahead of Utah and took the step of actually banning vaping in the city and Utah can’t manage to do anything about it,” Christensen said.

The increased use of vaping among schoolchildren has become a major problem faced by the United States. Even though e-cigarette came as an alternative for tobacco this has become more addictive than cigarettes. Many places such as Vermont has already imposed 92% of tax on e-cigarettes

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