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RePlanet Closes Permanently After 50 Years

RePlanet, one of the largest recycling and redemption centers in the country has shut down its 284 centers and leaving 750 employees without a job. This decision would badly affect families who depend on recycling for income. “We warned just months ago that the bottle deposit program was in crisis and today’s closure shows consumers are being left in the lurch by the failure of the state to keep recycling centers open,” said consumer advocate Liza Tucker in a statement. “Governor Newsom needs to tackle this problem personally and make reform of the broken bottle deposit system a top priority this fall. CalRecycle has failed to deal with the problems we have raised and they have now become a full-blown crisis for consumers and recycling in California.”

This is the second time such an incident taking place. Three years back it closed 191 of its recycling centers leaving 278 people unemployed stating the same reasons such as depressed pricing of recycled aluminum and PET plastic. The recycling centers are finding it difficult to stay in the field. According to Consumer Watchdog, about 40% of redemption centers have closed in 5 years. This indicates that the state is not doing all it can for these industries. According to the reports published by the group, consumers paid about 1.5 billion dollars in nickel and dime bottles and can deposit last year, but they got only half the deposit back.

The Consumer Watchdog has requested CalRecycle to look into the issue and ask every grocery and convenience store to begin redeeming cans and bottles. China has recently decided not to import any contaminated waste from any foreign countries including the United States have caused the recycling industry in the state to suffer badly. This closure will lead consumers to send more aluminum and polyethylene terephthalate to landfills.

Jack McConnell

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