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Our Team

David Chapman – Sr.Editor
+1 559-622-0994

David Chapman is one of the principal elements of our editorial team. He has colossal experience in the field of journalism and news reporting. Here at BBstate.com, he scripts articles related to the Business field. David is a proficient person when it comes to writing comprehensive and in-depth news releases. He covers the latest news releases related to companies like Tesla, Apple, Facebook, etc. Off working desk, David likes to read books. You can get in touch with him via the contact form or drop an email at david@bbstate.com.

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Jack McConnell – Associate Editor
+1 559-622-0995

Jack McConnell, a Science enthusiast, is fond of writing news related to Science field. He mainly focuses on discoveries, sci-fi tips, space-related researches, etc. His articles range from NASA’s moon landing to journey to Mars. You will find the science enthusiast looking for the latest findings in the sector in the meantime. Listening to pop music is another hobby of Jack.You can get in touch with him via the contact form or drop an email at jack@bbstate.com .

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Patrick Scoggins – Editor
+1 559-622-0996

Patrick Scoggins has worked as a medical representative in his career. After joining BBstate.com, he caters articles related to the Health field to our readers. Deep insight is a thing which matters in a news release. While his work experience assists in writing news from a proficient perspective. As he is a fitness freak, in free time, Patrick prefers going to gym. He even participates in bodybuilding shows and competition.You can get in touch with him via the contact form or drop an email at patrick@bbstate.com.

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Regina Green- Author and Contributor
+1 559-622-0994

Regina Green has covered Innovations in Technology, Advance Science and the environment. Now she is focusing on the latest technology in the world. She won many awards for her writing in Technology and Science for her blog. As she has too much interest in the latest technology and science, she would like to cover the latest research in the technical world using words and images to share with the public.You can get in touch with her via the contact form or drop an email at regina@bbstate.com.

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