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No, Apple didn’t open a new manufacturing facility in Texas

President Donald Trump visited the Apple Mac Pro manufacturing in Austin, Texas, on Wednesday with CEO Mr. Tim Cook. During the visit, Trump said that he had seen the beginning of a strong and important factory. And he hopes to see Apple building a factory in the US. This is what is happening. He wrote on the first day; he opened a key Apple manufacturing in Texas that will bring high-paying jobs back to the US. He ignored several key facts about the facility. First, it owned by Apple contractor Mr.Flex, not Apple itself. Importantly, it is not new. Since 2013, Apple has been producing Mac Pro in the same location.

Apple is building a new facility in Austin that covers around 3 million square feet, and its staff will perform a wide range of functions, including R&D, operations, engineering, finance, sales, and customer support. In a speech at the Mac Pro factory on Wednesday, Cook touted it as a $1 billion investment that would create Apple’s second-largest site, second only to Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino. But the new factory is not a manufacturing plant. And it will create high-paying jobs, and most of the fields in finance, engineering, and sales will be white-collar jobs. Behind the scenes, Apple is looking for tariff concessions to make it affordable to assemble Mac Pros in the USA. Many key components of the Mac Pro are made in China, and if Apple ships these parts to the US for assembly, tariffs will be generated.

Donald Trump took a tough stance on this issue in a July tweet. He wrote: “For Mac Pro parts made in China, Apple will not be exempt from customs duties or tariff reductions.” “Let them be in the US, no tariffs!” But then in September, Apple announced that it will produce all Mac Pros in Austin. And Apple owes this change to the Trump administration. In a September announcement, Apple wrote: “After Apple’s acquisition of certain essential components of the federal product, the US made a Mac Pro possible.” Despite Trump’s threat, his government approved 15 Apples. 10 items in the request to exempt Trump from the 25% tariff on Chinese imports.

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