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Netflix Is Testing Physical Activity Tracking on Some Devices

It’s no surprise that Netflix collects a wide variety of data from its users. This happens when you are watching a video or skipping some parts of the content. A recent report by some developers, however, reveals that the streaming company is also tracking physical activity of the user. At this point, the feature is being found only in Android devices, and the Netflix app for Android was asking permission to track physical activity. Netflix has not made any official statement about this feature or such a roll-out. The issue was first reported by The Next Web, which had also contacted Netflix for a reply.

In a statement that was given to TNW, Netflix said that the feature was being tested to see if the physical activity data could be used to improve the playback experience. The company also added that it has no plan to expand this to a global set of devices. As of now, only a few devices are seeing this feature and that would be the case for some time at least. It is clear that Netflix would be the first to get the best impact from the physical activity tracking feature that Android Q is supposed to have.

Using this, feature, app developers would be able to make changes in the UI based on the current physical state of the customer. Android system would be able to recognize a number of physical activities like walking, jogging or biking, by collaborating inputs from a number of sensors in the Android device. How this sensor data can help Netflix into optimizing the playback experience, however, is a big question, and only the company can share its side of the story. Some publications also suggest that Netflix might be trying to power some of its associated projects using the data from these sources. Regardless of the feature, we must wait for some time to see how Netflix turns things around.

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