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NASA to Send Nuclear Powered Drone on Saturn’s Moon Titan in 2026

NASA’s New mission is to explore the Saturn’s Moon Titan thoroughly. With the Nuclear powered drone, which is named as DragonFly, NASA is planning to explore the Titan closely. The DragonFly mission will launch in 2026 and will reach the Titan moon in a few years after the launch. The mission will fly around the moon of Saturn for multiple times and collect the valuable data about the moon. As Titan is considered as the Organically rich planet with Icy surface, it’d be valuable research for the scientists.

NASA is planning to launch the DragonFly by 2026 and reach the Titan moon by 2034. Titan and Earth have similarities in prebiotic chemical processes. The DragonFly Rotorcraft will utilize the two-propeller motors to land and take off from the surface. It supports the Vertical Take-Off and Land system for quick landing and take-off. With the vertical landing system, it’ll be easier for NASA scientists to land the Drone and collect organic samples for further study. Due to the Prebiotic Chemical Processes, Titan is very much similar to planet earth and may provide insights on how the planet was formed.

Titan is an alien body, but it has a thick atmosphere and 50% less gravity. Also, the surface pressure is 50% lighter than that on the earth, making it one of the best possible bases for human colonization. Due to all these factors, the colonization efforts would be easier than expected. According to the scientists, the humans can fly on Titan moon just using the force equal to walking on earth. The rotorcraft will have no issues flying on Titan. With the maximum speed of 36km/h and max altitude of 4km, it will scan all of the areas of Titan closely and collect samples for analysis.


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