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Mom, who was diagnosed with cancer in the pregnancy period delivers a healthy child.

Jade Devis a patient 36 years old, with the Second stage having triple-negative breast cancer, gave birth to a healthy baby boy. Devis in her first trimester came to know that she had breast cancer. Devis said that her baby boy is a miracle and she is blessed to look at her son, and she cannot ask more. It has been the happiest time of Jade’s life when it had turned so traumatic, but then it transformed into wonder.

In March, Devis met a radiologist about the hard lump she found on her breast, but the doctor dismissed it, saying that it was a pregnancy symptom. But Devis insisted on a biopsy, a examination where the tissues are removed from living being to find out the presence, cause, or level of disease. It was the right call. The lump was a second stage negative breast cancer, one of the rarest forms & known to return with revenge in other organs if not caught and treated early enough. During pregnancy, Cancer is rare. But when it occurs, it can be complicated for the mother and the doctors. The Cancer can rarely affects to the growing baby. But doctors are careful about how to diagnose and treat pregnant ladies. Therefore, it is essential to find a doctor and team who has experience in the treatment of cancer in pregnant ladies. Breast cancer is common which is diagnosed during the pregnancy period. It affects 1 in 2,000 pregnant women. Breasts usually increase during pregnancy so disease might be tough to detect. Pregnancy does not affect how fine the treatment of cancer will work. But if diagnosis or treatment is late because of pregnancy, cancer may have a massive consequence. This might lead to risks that are associated with cancer. The cancer is highly treatable but risk. But Davis decided to do it. At first, Davis had a lumpectomy, which was successful, then it was followed by chemotherapy, which is the usage of drugs to terminate the cells of cancer. Chemotherapy keeps the cells of cancer from developing, separating, and creating new cells. Cells of cancer often grow and divide faster than healthy cells, and chemotherapy affects the cancer cells. The drugs which are used during chemotherapy are strong, and they can cause damage to healthy cells. These are the side effects that are linked with chemotherapy.

After months of treatment of cancer, Jade Davis gave birth to a lovely, healthy baby in July 2019. The baby boy is named Bradley. Davis still needs to get chemotherapy till November end. According to the doctors, the outlook seems good. The doctors are confident Davis will be free from cancer.

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