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Microsoft Asks Users Not to Install Latest Windows Update

Microsoft’s latest Windows update does not come with the expected updates, and bug fixed but introduces some new updates for the users. Microsoft is warning a bunch of users not to install the latest Windows KB4520062 cumulative update. The same update is responsible for crashing the Windows Defenders Advanced Threat Protection System. Being an essential component of the Windows Defender for the Windows Corporate users, Microsoft is warning the Corporate users not to install the update. The update would immediately crash the Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection Service and will not send the reporting data to Microsoft.

The issue can be observed from the Windows Event viewer with error code 0xc0000409 with MsSense.exe service. Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection service is a paid component to the Enterprise based corporate users of the Windows operating system. The service is used to find and report the data about the advanced threats for corporate users. Installing the KB4520062 Cumulative Update would cause immediate failure in the ATP service. The Enterprise users and administrators are advised not to install the same update on their computer network to avoid complications.

Microsoft is currently working on the new update with bug fixes. But the update won’t come anytime soon, as the company said in a statement, it would take late November to release the update. Until Microsoft release the update, the administrators and Enterprise users are advised not to install the KB4520062 update to the system. If the users have installed the update, then they should immediately uninstall the update and wait till the bug fix arrives. Microsoft’s Windows 10 Cumulative updates always bring some bugs and crash to the system. With the recent update for Windows 10, the immediate crashing of the Start Menu and Print spooler service reported by multiple users.

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