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Increase in usage of concentrated THC among teens

A recent study explains that a good amount of youngsters are using marijuana concentrates, an extremely potent form of marijuana at least in one state. This data was collected from 10th and 12the graders in Arizona. One-third of the teens stated that they had used concentrated marijuana at least once.

The active ingredient tetrahydrocannabinol or THC is very high in these marijuana concentrates. These are known by different names such as “butane hash oil” “dab”, “wax” “crumble” or “shatter”. The legalization of marijuana in many states has increased the sales of marijuana concentration. “It was surprising to find that, so many teens had used” marijuana concentrates; study lead author Madeline Meier, an assistant professor of psychology at Arizona State University, told Live Science.

The ratio of usage is different among the states, since in a few states medical cannabis is legal but marijuana concentration is not. In the survey conducted in 2018, just 1.1% of 12th graders reported the usage of marijuana concentration but critics state that survey classifies concentrated THC as hallucinogens and only teens reported the usage are asked about marijuana concentration. The new findings also specify that teens are using electronic cigarettes to vape marijuana.

200 cases of lung disease tied to vaping have been examined recently. The researchers haven’t found a single cause for illness. Some doctors hypothesis it could be caused by marijuana products sold for vaping. Recently an 18 year had severe lung injury after using hash oil for three years.

“As findings emerge showing high rates of concentrate use in adolescents, and increased cannabis-related risks associated with the use of high-THC cannabis, policymakers might consider putting a limit on THC concentration in cannabis,” said Meier. The marijuana concentrate has three times more THC than the usual ones which makes it often more toxic. Researches reveal that they need to look further into these.

Patrick Scoggins

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