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Huawei Cannot Launch Mate 30 with Official Google Apps, Says Google

Huawei, the major Chinese smartphone manufacturer, is all set to launch its brand-new flagship device, the Mate 30 in a few weeks, but the company might have a serious problem to address. According to the latest updates, Google has said that Huawei cannot launch the Mate 30 device with the official Google Apps suite. This means the device won’t have apps like Google Play Store, Google Search, Gmail, YouTube or other apps pre-installed. Obviously, the restriction is due to the ban that the US had imposed on Huawei, preventing it from conducting business with US-based companies.

Although the concept of Android without Google is conceivable by some users, it is not the perfect solution for a flagship device like the Mate 30. It should be noted that the Huawei Mate 30 would be competing with the likes of OnePlus 7 Pro and the upcoming Pixel 4. While Huawei can indeed create a Play Store alternative and use it in the new device, most of the US-based apps won’t be available in the store, creating chaos again. More importantly, Google apps, especially Play Store, has been an integral part of the Android experience for decades now and forcing users to change would result in not-so-great UX in the long run.

Huawei’s decision to launch a flagship device, despite the looming ban, was first reported by Reuters. In the report, the company executives said that they were not really sure about the inclusion of Google Apps. The launch is expected to happen on 18th of September but the company has not mentioned the date of product availability. Considering that the US ban has affected the smartphone maker in every way possible, it would have to think multiple times while choosing the right target market. In related news, it is also reported that Huawei has been working on a practical alternative to Android.

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