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Google Updated Search Ranking Algorithm to Prefer Original News Sources

Google is taking the original news sources pretty seriously. With the advent of new News reporting websites, the sources were overshadowed by the news sources. That’s why Google has updated the News Search ranking algorithm, which will now prefer the original news sources first. The initial news coverage will get a prominent spot on the ranking followed up by the subsequent news reports by credible sources. Also, Google confirmed that the original news source would stay in the Search Results for a longer time, providing exposure to the original source.

Google usually provides the latest news articles to the Google News platform readers. But today, the company made changes to the Global algorithm. Instead of the most recent coverage, users will see the original or first reported news source on the top followed by the secondary or most recent news reports. Due to this change, the initial news sources will receive more exposure, which was not possible earlier due to preference to the new news sources. From now on, the users can notice the original news sources on top, with add-on reports below the source. The new change is the addition to the Search Quality Rater guidelines.

With the new change, the publishers of the original news will get more exposure. Also, the users will get to see the first news source, instead of recycled news websites. Google is always changing the algorithm to provide the best resources to the users in Search Rankings. Google has released the server-side search algorithm update to global users. From now on, not just Google News, but typical Google Search results will prefer the source of news instead of the spun or follow-up stories. That does not mean that only the sources will get exposure. Short and inadequate sources will not get the spot in the search results.

Regina Green

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