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Festicket’s Pay with Friends feature to boost festival tourist volume boom?

Consumer behavior and purchase patterns have been witnessing a sea change over the last few years, especially the last five to be precise. Much of the evolving shopping and purchasing behavior globally has been instigated and changed with the introduction of a rapidly increasing number of applications (apps). Most apps allow consumers to almost effortlessly, conveniently, and more efficiently access, make purchase decisions, compare goods and products, and shop online at mere clicks of a few pop-ups, tabs, or virtual buttons.

The list of apps entering into the market is showing no signs of abating anytime soon, and as the Internet continues to reach a vaster audience globally, the number of users going online for a range of reasons and purposes continues to expand in parallel. The apps that have been witnessing the most rapid adoption in the recent past include ones such as for travel and stay bookings, banking and transactions, lifestyle-related products and services, gaming, entertainment, education and related products and services, and last but in no way the least, shopping.

While booking a ticket for a movie online has somewhat become child’s play, managing to get half way across the world to be a spectator at an event of festival can be tricky business. Realizing the challenges that one could face in this regard as well as the opportunities that this presented, UK-based Festicket has built an innovative website and offers packages along with festival tickets including travel, accommodation, as well as add-ons to enable its clients to experience a complete festival trip a button click away. The company works along with festivals as official partner in order to be able to provide general admission and VIP tickets to some major festivals in countries across the globe. Festicket is also signed up with a few handpicked hotels and offers festival packages with major focus on and with the primary objective to make the entire experience hassle-free. To make things even more convenient, the company recently launched “Pay with Friends”, which is a new and enhanced feature that enables its users to make group payments for festival tickets along with friends or as a group.

The company is offering this feature as an alternative to avoid challenges or hassles that come along with being lead booker for travel packages etc. The option allows a user to book tickets for a group of persons, and with need to only make a part payment up-front. Other members of the group can make their respective payment individually within 48 hours, after which the booking is confirmed. However, some terms and conditions do apply and a non-refundable deposit would be charged to the lead booker who initiated the booking if all members of the group fail to make payment.

A macro ongoing trend observed and shared by Festicket is that festivals are increasingly becoming an alternative to group holidays, and there has been a 400% increase in the number of people who travel to attend international festivals over the last five years.

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