Facebook Is Focusing on Developing Android-based Fitness Device

Continuing on aspirations regarding hardware-segment expansion, Facebook is aggressively working on development and design of its new smart-watch, which will offer the usual array of features including messaging, notification, and fitness. Facebook’s goals towards novel making smart watch is quite obvious, considering that the company tried to purchase Fitbit, before Google LLC grabbed it.

The device is expected to be launched by next year, and its second version will be launched by 2023, as per reports. The first-version smart watch will not be running on traditional Google centric wearable Operating System (OS), instead it will run on Android. Additionally, Facebook is working on building its own hardware OS, which suggests that the smart-watch could be running in second iteration.

This smart-watch tracker may emphasize specifically on fitness and health features, and is expected to portray its ability to connect with hardware and services provided by fitness companies, out of which, Peloton Interactive, Inc., might be the potential option.

As the smart watch device is being manufactured by one of the social media behemoth, the device ought to come with various social features such as allowing individuals to track their work-out with friends and family, chat with their trainers, and a kind of short-and-small messaging capability.

Moreover, reports suggest that the future versions of smart watch would be able to control Facebook, Inc.’s scheduled Augmented-Reality (AR) glasses, which are not expected to be launched until next year or 2023. Facebook bought CTRL-labs – Neural Interface Technology – in October 2019, which is a New York-based technology company that developed an armband to interpret brain signals which can help individuals to control devices. Facebook, Inc., is optimistic that this technology can be incorporated into smart watches for controlling AR headsets.

The company has not given any estimation of price of the device yet; however, it apparently plans to sell the products little more than the device’s manufacturing cost, as it did for ‘Oculus Quest’. The product could be priced in line with the other high-end technologically advanced smart watches and trackers, for instance, ‘Fitbit Sense’ and ‘Apple Watch Series 6’, which cost US$ 280 and US$ 400, respectively. The company may have change of plans which means the smart watch might not reach the market or its launch might get delayed, as per the rumors.

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