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Chinese Government Orders to Remove Islamic Signs

The Chinese authorities have ordered restaurants to take down the signs and symbols which are related to the religion of Islam such as Crescent moon and the Arabic word halal. Even though China officially guarantees the freedom of religion, the government is working hard to bring the believers into communist ideologies. It’s not just Muslims but Christians too have suffered under the brutal hands of the government, recently authorities had shut down churches which they said were illegal. The Muslims have come under scrutiny since Muslim Uyghur, a majority Han Chinese in Xinjiang clashed in 2009 and about 200 people died during this incident.

According to various analysts, Chinese government believes that foreign influence will make the religious people difficult to control. Various shops replaced the halal with Chinese equivalent Qin Zhen. The anti-Muslim campaign is to force China’s 20million Muslim population to adopt Chinese culture. These campaigns also include removal of dome of mosques and replacing them with Chinese style pagodas and placing a ban for lengthy beards. About 1.5 million Muslims men has been detained in “re-educational camps” which is considered as a concentration camps by human rights.

The government defended its stand by claiming that, these are needed to eradicate religious extremism and about ninety Percent of the students has been returned to their home after “training” in these camps, but experts deny this claim. As they say there has been no evidence of such mass release. The state government, pentagon and U.N has criticized these anti-Muslim policies. There has been evidences that Xinjiang government to shift these people in concentration camps for labour programs. Former camp detainees who left China said that they had been subjected to classes which had the goals of removing devotion to Islam and instilling loyalty to ruling communist party

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