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Asteroid Nearly Misses Earth

Earth had an uncomfortably close encounter with an asteroid which is known as “2019 ON”. This asteroid was 121 feet long and sped past our planet in the past days. As it missed Earth there wasn’t much harm done. Several authorities, including NASA, have been taking precautions for an unlikely event when such a potential asteroid is targeted towards the Earth. This boulder sized asteroid was only visible in the last few days to scientists since it came from the direction of the sun. An asteroid reaches earth due to the gravitational force. In 2013, Chelyabinsk meteor crashed into Russia and injured about 1600 people.

The asteroid “2019 ON” will be visible on July 30, 2020, due to the frequent encounter this asteroid is listed under the Near-Earth Object (NEO). According to the latest reports, another 6 asteroids will fly past Earth by the end of August. Asteroids are usually found in main belt between Mars and Jupiter, several thousands of asteroids occupy this space. “All we have to do is change the speed of asteroid slightly faster or slower when it is in Earth’s orbit, then it crosses either in front of us or behind us” said Dr Lori Glaze, director of planetary science at NASA.

An explosion caused by a meteor could produce energy of 173 kiloton which is more than 10 times of Hiroshima bomb blast that happened in the second world war. One of the major difficulties is that these, could give a real surprise “This asteroid wasn’t the one that scientists were tracking, and it had seemingly appeared from out of nowhere” said Michael Brown, a Melbourne based observational astronomer. Even though we were lucky this time, these asteroids pose a danger to our planet as these have potential to wipe out an entire city in no time. Due to which scientist keep a close watch on these objects.

Jack McConnell

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