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Apple to launch new Research app for US market

Apple announced launch of a new Research app for Apple Watch owners that allows individuals to voluntarily opt to privately contribute to health research by sharing data that will be obtained from smartwatch and its various sensors, and the Apple app for health. News of Research app was announced last week on 10th September 2019, at Apple’s press event held at the company’s headquarters in Cupertino, California, along with new health studies and next-gen Apple Watch, Series 5.

The company confirmed that the Research app will be launched in US and will be available on App Store before end of this year, and as an example to enlighten about the data that Research app users could contribute using Apple Watch, the company shared details of a few new studies that the company is going to focus on along with its partners such as the WHO, the NIH, the University of Michigan, Harvard School of Public Health, the American Heart Association, and the Brigham & Women’s Hospital.

The topics that they will focus on for studying will include:

  • Apple Hearing Study to analyze impact and long-term side-effects of extreme sounds on hearing health
  • Apple Women’s Health Study to examine how menstrual cycles can provide the screenings for osteoporosis and infertility. This study will be conducted along with National Institutes of Health and the Harvard School of Public Health.
  • Apple Heart and Movement Study to analyze impacts of activities and movements on overall health. The other participants include Brigham & Women’s Hospital, and the American Heart Association.

Earlier, individuals who volunteered to opt for contributing to health studies through partnership with Apple need to install a dedicated and specialized app on their iOS device for contributing to the study alone. However, the new Research app will offer and allow individuals to use a single portal to opt-in for this kind of activities privately.

The company also assured that they respect contributors’ data privacy and that the company cannot access any personal or private information that can directly identify the user. Apple also confirmed that it is upon the contributor to decide the data that the contributor wants to share for the study.

Apple confirmed that the Research app will be launched in US before end of this year.

Jack McConnell

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