Apple MacBook Air to Debut This Year Along With MagSafe Charger

Apple is focusing on development of innovative MacBook Air and its design overhaul currently, which is scheduled to be launched later in the year. Launch of the new MacBook Air is expected to happen in the second half of this year (2021) or first half of 2022. Apple is working on developing a thinner design and light-weight product. The current M1 MacBook Air weighs approximately 1.29 Kilograms and is a mere 0.63 inches thick. Apple is producing MacBook Air sleek models by reducing bezels around the screen, and the screen size of new models will measure approximately 13 inches, which might be a good thing for long-term users who plan to update their MacBook next year. As expected by users, this newer version of MacBook Air will be integrated with next-gen Apple-designed M1 chip. Interestingly, Apple had plans to increase the MacBook Air screen size to 15-inches; however, this has been decided to be offered in newer generation products. Thus, the screen will be 13.3 inches with LED-backlit display and IPS technology.

Furthermore, the MacBook Air is MagSafe, and the magnetic charger is finally going to make a comeback with this launch. The magnetic charging system was earlier replaced by USB-C on the 2018 redeveloped and redesigned laptops. The newer model will have two USB 4.0 ports and is expected to be integrated in devices in 2021. USB 4.0 was launched in 2019, and offers multiple connectivity standards. The price of the new MacBook Air model is expected to be on the higher side, while the existing model may become an entry-level offering in the company’s product line-up. Post 2016, Apple had removed the SD card slot, which is a feature present in the MacBook Pro models till this year; however, this feature will be re-launched in MacBook Pro. This feature could be useful, especially for video editors. Face ID and cellular connectivity may not be integrated in the 2021 models, but future generations of MacBook Air will come with cellular networks, and can connect to Internet like iPhones. Implementation of Face ID feature also appears to be a part of the plan as the company is working towards making the facial recognition feature work.

The earlier version of Apple’s MacBook Air was launched with M1 chip last year, and comes with an 8-core processor along with 4 performance cores and 4 efficiency cores. It also contains a 7-core Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) and 16-core Apple Neural Engine. In addition, the battery life of M1-based MacBook Air is among the biggest highlights and is complemented by users globally. However, one thing that needs to be upgraded is the webcam which is criticized for its quality. While the laptop excelled for almost every integrated part, the 720p FaceTime camera is of lower quality and more focus needs to be provided to upgrading the webcam on the new MacBook Air. Considering that the whole world has eyes on the upcoming products, Apple will need to ensure that the new generation products meet or exceed user expectations.

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