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Anthony Levandowski, Former Uber Engineer, Charged With Stealing Trade Secrets from Google

Trade secret thefts are quite common in the world of technology business, but Uber and Google have come amidst a serious issue this time. Anthony Levandowski, an engineer who used to work for Google and then moved to Uber, has been accused of stealing trade-secret files from Google. Federal prosecutors, who now have moved towards him, believe that the engineer not only stole critical files associated with the Waymo project from Google but also provided the same to Uber. The complaint has accused him of stealing more than 14,000 files from Google.

It should be noted that the same issue had surfaced earlier, but that was in the form of a corporate espionage lawsuit between Google and Uber. When the same ended, however, everyone was under the impression that Levandowski has been freed from the legal tensions. This time, though, federal prosecutors decided to track the person down and he has been accused of 33 counts of theft and attempted theft issues. According to the complaint, Levandowski did not directly approach Uber with the secrets. Instead, he started a startup named Otto, which was later acquired by Uber for $680 million.

Thereafter, Anthony Levandowski was appointed as the head of the autonomous driving department at Uber — so that he could use the trade secrets he had availed from Google during his period. “All of us have the right to change jobs, none of us has the right to fill our pockets on the way out the door.  Theft is not innovation,” the US Attorney David L Anderson said in an official statement. It should be noted that until the trial, he is considered innocent. “If convicted, the defendant faces a maximum sentence of 10 years and a fine of $250,000, plus restitution, for each violation of 18 U.S.C. § 1832,” adds the press release.

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