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Amazon Launching New Products on 20th September

Amazon is planning to launch some new hardware products in the market. According to the information shared by the company, Amazon is hosting a release event on 20th September, in which we’ll see the new products coming from Amazon. In the invitation sent by Amazon to the media professionals, we can see the latest products from Amazon devices and services team. Last year, Amazon hosted a similar event around the same time and launched some new products like Echo Dot, Sub, Show, and more. We can see the history repeat itself in 2019 with a similar event.

Amazon announced new Fire TVs and Fire TV Cubes in the IFA recently. We can see the same products getting launched in the 20th September event. If we consider the inputs from the market experts, there is a high possibility of Amazon launched the Fire TV tablets to expand the hardware portfolio. As of now, there is no information on what kind of products are being started by the company in the market. Every bit of speculation is just the rumor, and some might be true and some might not.

Last year, Amazon launched more than a dozen devices in the market. This year, we may not see a dozen apps in the market. Amazon is not having a good time when it comes to consumer electronics hardware. We have not viewed any hype for the products that were launched last year. It’s not the event for regular Amazon marketplace users, but for those who are willing to step into the Amazon Ecosystem or already using Echo dot or Fire TV devices. Amazon is launching the hardware products to bring the Alexa and Fire TV services to the homes of the people. The new products are expected to increase the reach of Amazon sponsored services.


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