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Amazon AWS and NFL are collaborating to create a Digital Athlete Platform

AI and machine learning are going to be a part of live sports events in the upcoming days. NFL and Amazon AWS are collaborating to develop a digital platform that will enable them to transform the game. The platform is named as Digital Athlete Platform. This platform will be used to create a digital simulation of the players. So by changing the constraints and the variables in the model, the system can identify and test various game scenarios. This will be helpful to identify the situations that may put a player in the way of danger. Amazon AWS is widely known for providing cheap and faster cloud computing solutions to various business enterprises.

This project was undertaken initially with the objective of understanding the different ways to rehabilitate an injured player. Now with an initiative of a long term goal, the system intends to use predictive analytics for the prevention of injuries.  The Digital Athlete Platform combines AI, Machine learning, and computer vision technologies. NFL already has a set of data. These data sets include various information on the position, type, and equipment of different players. Other details, such as injuries and playing surfaces, are also present. Using these technologies that are trying to predict and detect the damages and the causes of the casualties in advance. This platform will be the building block for predictive analytics. This platform will identify the injuries and will be helpful to make the recovery of the injured players much easier and faster.

This system has several long-term implications on the game. The players in the NFL mostly suffer from Chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) that affects the normal functioning of the brain and causes other health complications. NFL can use predictive analytics and determine beforehand whether any particular athlete is prone to any specific injury. With the initial adoption of this technology, the traumas to head has been brought down by 24%. The implications of predictive analytics in this platform will not only be restricted to the arena of football.

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