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Amazing Images Reveal Hidden Light of Life Breathing in Deep Sea Beds

Louise Murray, an award-winning photographer, has observed an amazing series of fluorescent and neon colors while diving into the darkest sea bed. She has discovered this kind of shiny, shimmery candy-colored lights in the dark depth of the Gulf of Mexico. Usually, those colors are difficult to observe from the naked eye, but the photographer has captured them in the frame. As Murray moved deep into waters, her blue flashlights revealed a remarkable display. She has seen the luminous colors shimmering out from few marine creatures and corals below. Murray is a veteran marine photographer from more than 25 years. She says the coral reefs emit colorful light as bright as an 80’s disco when light falls on them.

According to Murray, fluorescence on the reefs is a result of a reaction. Proteins present in the tissues of the reefs quickly absorb the blue light with a shorter wavelength. After that, reefs re-emit the light in the form of longer wavelengths resulting in colors like red, orange, yellow, and green. Murray also noted that oceans have the potential to filter light naturally, which offer a blue look to the underwater world. Notably, the color seems blue at a depth of 15 meters and so on. In this case, the blue light from flashguns and Murray’s camera gears had sparked a strong response from the proteins in reef’s tissues. Thus, the yellow filters present on the camera and blue light on the dive mask block assisted the photographer in capturing the entire extent of the colored spectacle.

Before this, marine fluorescence had reached to extinction as a phenomenon with no significant biological function. But scientists across the globe are slowly working on exposing its complex role. Rather than being biologically irrelevant, the proteins play a vital role in the health of the reef ecosystem. These proteins are also important for their ability to respond to stress. In addition to this, not all corals produce the same amount of fluorescence protein. Now researchers are trying to reveal the role of fluorescence in fishes.

Jack McConnell

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