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Allegations of Personal Misconduct Bring David Drummond, Alphabet’s Legal Chief, to Media Spotlight

Alphabet, the parent company of Google and beyond, is characterized for its permissive work culture and it has not been the best thing in the course of the time. According to the latest reports, however, legal chief of the company, David Drummond, has been brought to media attention after a Medium blog post made a few allegations about his personal misconduct. The Medium post was authored by Jennifer Blakely, who was an employee at Google. In the article, she starts with a reference to the #MeToo movement and then shares her personal history with the ‘elite men’ at Google.

“David was well aware that our relationship was in violation of Google’s new policy which went from “discouraging” direct-reporting-line relationships to outright banning them. Still, he never told anyone he worked for that we were pregnant. After our son was born, I received a call from HR notifying me that one of us would have to leave the legal department where David was now Chief Legal Officer, so I transferred to the sales department despite having zero experience in sales,” reads an important part of the letter from the ex-Google employee.

David Drummond is being accused of many things, including of being a serial philanderer, who also had one relationship with his personal assistant at the time. According to the blog post as well as other sources that were consulted by media, the events made it tougher for Jennifer Blakely to continue the position while the case was opposite for Drummond. Drummond is currently the VP of corporate development at Google and he also holds the position of legal chief of Alphabet Inc. Despite claiming to have a number of provisions for addressing sexual harassment issues, Google has not officially addressed the case of Blakely.

The issue had surfaced online when a New York Times report on the way Google handled the case of Andy Rubin’s misconduct with another employee. Now that Jennifer Blakely herself has come to the forefront, the company would have to make some real move.

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