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Alien Life Might Have Caused the Production of Methane In Mars

Scientists believe that the reason behind the irregular appearance of methane gas in Mars might be because of some microbes living beneath the surface of the planet.

Even though the red planet is blank today there might have been oceans and seas billions of years ago. Most of the space probs sent to Mars have been detecting amounts of Methane on Mars. In Earth methane s produced by different types of microbes. Professor Penny King from the Australian National University said: “Some microbes on Earth can survive without oxygen, deep underground, and release methane as part of their waste.”

As there is no solid proof scientists are still looking no the issue. They are trying to trace the origin of the gas, whether it’s biological or geological.

Dr. John Moores, from York University in Canada who led the study, said: “This new study redefines our understanding of how the concentration of methane in the atmosphere of Mars changes over time, and this helps us to solve the bigger mystery of what the source might be.” Recent studies also say that methane concentration in Mars could differ from time to time.

After scientist has removed the possibility of wind erosion for the possibility of an increase in Methane; the hope for alien life have hiked but according to Professor King, there are still various other non-biological processes that can explain Martian mystery. The Mars expert said: “The methane on Mars has other possible sources, such as water-rock reactions or decomposing materials containing methane.”

the first evidence of methane was detected by ESAs Mars Express with an instrument called Planetary Fourier Spectrometer. The concentration methane in the atmosphere then was 10ppbv. The non-biological process. It includes radiolysis of water,water-rock reactions, and pyrite formation.

NASA’s Mars Science Laboratory mission and the Canadian Space Agency are currently supporting MArs study

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