About Us

BB State is powered by a group of people who believe that everyone has the right to authentic news. And, we wanted to build a place where we can share the latest updates without any biases or preconceived notions. More importantly, we, as a group, want to write about topics that interest us and bring some level of insight to the public. For every section of the news that we cover, we have dedicated professionals. For instance, people we have for writing about Technology updates are either hardcore gadget freaks or those who have efficient knowledge when it comes to digital security, coding and other aspects of the digital lifestyle.

Similarly, those who write about business have not only a thorough understanding of the current scenarios of the business world but also the unending passion to express their opinions. That is why you can find some of the worthiest insights in our articles. According to our ideas, journalism should be political in the sense that it should show you the right way, by pointing out the facts that affect you the most. Following the same set of methods, BB State also employs the right people to write about the things you need to know.

Apart from having the right people for every category, we cover, BB State also believes in the right set of rules for improving the overall authenticity. First of all, we make sure that no fake news gets into even the primary inventory of sources. That includes the process of choosing sources in a systematic and verifiable manner. It means every piece of news content that you read via BB State has been subjected to constant checking from an editor’s side. While this adds a bit of work to our researchers, BB State is confident when it comes to the overall authenticity of what is at stake.