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A great number of Wisconsin students are threatened by measles

50,000 unvaccinated Wisconsin students will return to school this month with US facing worst outbreak since 1992. From November 382 suspected cases of measles were investigated though not even one was confirmed.

“I really do think it’s purely just dumb luck that this hasn’t spread to Wisconsin,” said James Conway, a professor of paediatrics at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health. The rate of immunization should come above 92% to be called as herd immunity. This is a term used to describe a level of immunization high enough to stop the infection from spreading and becoming a widespread outbreak.

In Wisconsin none of the counties had immunization near 92% and the fact 40 of 72 had immunization below 80% has terrorized the health officials. “I would not be surprised at all if I woke up tomorrow to hear that the measles outbreak had reached Wisconsin. Not surprised at all,” said Malia Jones, an assistant scientist at the University of Wisconsin-Madison Applied Population Laboratory.

One of the major reasons for this hike in the number of students who has not been vaccinated is because of Anti Vaccine movement, which had spread widely through social media. Measles is a very dangerous disease because the virus can survive in the air for many hours which make most of the people around the patient prone to this disease.

“I would say that if a child was given the facts themselves and told what these diseases would be like to go through, they would choose to be given something that would not make them have to go through that disease,” said James H. Conway, a professor of pediatrics at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.“It’s selfish for parents to put their children at risk because of an agenda about personal freedom and personal choice.” Even a small outbreak of measles could survive for months which make it one of the most dangerous diseases.

Patrick Scoggins

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