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2019 Mac Pro Is the Most Repairable Apple Computer, Says iFixit Teardown

Apple devices have become infamous for being totally unrepairable in the course of time. Replacing a certain part or upgrading some section is a difficult task in every Mac ever, but the 2019 Mac Pro changes the tone, to something better. According to the full teardown of Mac Pro, done by iFixit, the new super-powerful Mac is said to be the most repair- and upgrade-friendly computer ever made by Apple. Of course, this device has been made for professionals who are looking for enhanced performance and customizability. Repairability of the components holds testimony to this promise, apparently.

It is clear that iFixit team was quite impressed how easy it was to take apart the new Mac Pro and explore the possibilities for replacement and upgrade. “The new Mac Pro is a Fixmas miracle: beautiful, amazingly well put together, and a masterclass in repairability,” reads the iFixit teardown commentary. This does not, however, mean that you can replace anything and everything on the Mac Pro. There are some caveats for sure. For instance, users cannot replace the processor, which is covered by many layers. Also, replacing the core system SSD is not also possible.

Users trying to replace the processor is not something common in the Mac system and the inclusion of the T2 chip is actually a good justification for the hindrance. In addition to this, and more importantly, the Mac Pro allows you to upgrade the SSD storage via other slots. Despite all these, the Mac Pro has been given an amazing Repairability score of 9 by iFixit and this is something never seen before in the history of products from Apple. This seems to be an intentional decision from Apple, considering that those who purchase the new Mac Pro would be requiring much more resources than the common user-base.

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